arrow_button_metal_red_right     INTEGRATED ACMV SERVICES

  • We offer the services of Design & Build, supply and install air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system for Industry and Commercial (offices/retail mall etc)
  • Supply and install of Water-Cooled Chiller System
  • Supply and install of Air-Cooled Chiller System
  • Servicing & Maintenance for ACMV systems

arrow_button_metal_red_right    BUILDING A&A WORKS

  • Additions & Alterations works to existing building for ACMV and M&E System
  • Preparing For ACMV System Installation


arrow_button_metal_red_right    ENGINEERING SMOKE CONTROL

  • Installation of Engineering Smoke Control System
  • Service & Maintenance of engineering smoke control system


arrow_button_metal_red_right    FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM SERVICES

  • Supply and install of Fire Protection System include sprinkler and fire alarm.
  • Service & Maintenance of fire protection system


arrow_button_metal_red_right    MECHANICAL FANS & DUCTWORK

  • Supply and install of Mechanical Ventilation Fans & Ductwork


arrow_button_metal_red_right    ELECTRICAL WIRING SERVICES

  • Supply and install electrical wiring works.


  • Integrated ACMV Services

  • A & A Works

  • Engineering Smoke Control

  • Fire Protection System

  • Mechanical Fans & Ductwork

  • Electrical Wiring